My home is in The Hague, The Netherlands. This is where I was born, raised and live to this day. Fortunately, The Hague has always had a vibrant music scene and thus proved to be a musically fruitful place to live in.

Thanks to my parents I was offered all kinds of music to listen to, but I especially remember listening to tapes my dad made for me with music from Queen, Abba and Celtic Folk Music. After trying out different instruments when I was very young I settled for piano and took classical lessons from a great teacher, Jan de Rooij, until I was 16. Around that age I started listening to rock and metal and that meant I gained an interest in other instruments. After trying out a regular guitar for a short period I got my hands on a bass guitar and decided that was going to be my next instrument.

After about two years of lessons my bass teacher, Marco Dirne, said I had a shot at getting into a music school. Up until until then it had never even crossed my mind, but thinking it over I became very excited about the prospect of studying music and maybe even making a living out of it.

After auditioning with my high-school band ‘Idlehearts’ I was admitted to the Pop-department of the Conservatorium of Amsterdam in 2007 and started a more serious venture into music.

Over the following 4 years I expanded greatly on my musical knowledge and skills. Through the Conservatorium and its teachers I was also introduced to a huge network of other musicians, studio’s, producers and all of that combined kickstarted me as a capable and enterprising musician.
During that period I joined Klopje Popje, which was a theatrical punk rock band, and started playing bars, stages, bandcompetitions and having huge amounts of fun while doing so. Through this adventure I started learning about the dutch bandscene and the people and organisations which keep it alive and kicking. Besides Klopje Popje I was also fortunate enough to play with lots of other great musicians in projects like early Sue the Night, Schoppenheer, and Bombay Show Pig among others. 

In 2011 I joined forces with Klopje Popje drummer Marco Burggraf to host our very own graduation concert. Besides performing with Klopje Popje we both presented 2 projects of our own. This is where my solo project Dunn and metalband Skellot were born. These were my first solo adventures into writing my own music and being a frontman.

After celebrating my graduation and freedom for some time I eased into a work life which included lessons, bands and side-jobs. This is basically what I still do. I try to balance my regular work with running bands, lessons and maintaining a healthy social life. 

So stay in touch by following my projects and the music we release and send me a message if you have any questions or just want to say hello.


All projects:

Idlehearts – altrock – 2005-2007

Klopje Popje – Theatrical punk rock – 2008-2014

Sue the Night – Singer-songwriter – 2010-2011

Schoppenheer – Hiphop – 2011

Bombay Show Pig – Indienoiserock – 2009-2012

The Fudge – Rock – 2012-2013

Flying Tiger Squadron – Spaghetti western rock – 2012

Voodoo Chambers – Elektrorock – 2019-2022

The Great Communicators – Indierock – 2014-present

Dunn – Progpop – 2011-present

Skellot – Progmetal – 2011-present

Carceri – Deathmetal – 2014-present

Glashart – Indiepop – 2022 – present


AapNootMies – Dutch indiepop 

Suzy V – Mediterranian singer-songwriter

My Thoughts Exactly – Progrock

Pineapple Kid – Poprock


Musical influences:

Meshuggah, Tim Christensen, Car Bomb, Anderson.Paak, Animals as Leaders, Palm, Entheos, Queen, Gojira, The Faceless, Radiohead, Soulwax, Textures, TV on the Radio and much, much more.


Things I like to do outside of music:

Terry Pratchet

Everything sci-fi

Games (console-games and boardgames)


Organisation and technical production 

Soldering musical appliances

Fiddling about with graphic design software