Popschool Den Haag

Ever since I started studying at the Conservatorium teaching became a part of my musical endeavours. At the Conservatorium we had classes that taught us how to teach and introduced us to the different approaches you could use. From then on I started putting myself out there as a substitute teacher and after graduating I joined forces with fellow musicians from The Hague to start Popschool Den Haag. This is still where I teach. We have our own set of rooms with equipment in a building in the centre of the Hague where we teach drums, bass, guitar, piano, voice and some other courses related to making music.

I mainly teach bass guitar and piano, as well as coaching a couple of bands. 

When I started teaching for myself at PSDH I mainly approached it as a job that earned me money which I could put back into my own music projects. However, over the years it has grown to be an integral part of how I enjoy music. It is through teaching music that I have come to realize that I myself need to keep learning new things, one of the most important things for having a sense of fulfilment and growth in life.

As a music teacher you meet people from all walks of life and every student is different and will challenge me in a different way. For some students you need more social skills, for others you need more music skills, but all of them require empathy and passion from their teacher and I strive to offer that equally to all of my students.

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Private lessons

I also teach private lessons, mainly bass, piano and gearlessons, but if you have a different subject to discuss, I always like to share my experiences on anything if it helps you further on your journey. If you’re interested, please get in touch through the contact form below!